Merger and acquisition tide LED industry consolidation upgrade imminent
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According to the financial community website reported that the continuation of the 2014 heat, LED lighting industry mergers and acquisitions in 2015 continued to ferment, set off a new round of mergers and acquisitions". As of now, LED industry mergers and acquisitions have more than 25 cases, the size of nearly 30000000000 yuan. Industry insiders said that with the withdrawal of a number of small and medium enterprises, 2015 LED industry concentration will be further improved, with the technology advantages and scale effects of leading enterprises will come to the fore in the industry competition. At the same time, for small and medium enterprises, the difference of development may be able to get more living space.
As of the year, the LED industry has occurred more than 10 cases of mergers and acquisitions, industry resources are increasingly concentrated, LED industry is accelerating the pace of the survival of the fittest. For example, June, state science and Technology (300232) acquisition Dior 40% stake in the mine, to achieve 100% holding Redio; Lianchuang optoelectronic (600363) 1 million yuan acquisition and replenishment of Zhejiang Dazhi Control Technology Co., Ltd, will hold a party Dazhi control 72.37% stake; Alto Electronics (002587) intends to 2.5 billion acquisition of thousands of Hui, 100% of the total equity, to enhance the scale of LED lighting business. July, Riyadh (300296 following 1.62 billion acquisition of Mingji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing 81% stake and to 27 million yuan capital holdings to 55% stake in photoelectric technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.. It is worth mentioning is that back in early January, Riyadh has announced to 8.9 billion yuan of the proposed acquisition of Lai Feng culture 100% of the shares and glux 100% of the shares, through the acquisition to force the LED in the field of culture media.
The reporter noted that the second half of 2014 to the first half of 2015, the horizontal merger is very intensive, which means that the industry has changed from the incremental competition into the stock of competition. In the case of horizontal mergers and acquisitions, listed enterprises to force some segments with the acquisition of enterprises, especially in the field of LED display, such as the acquisition of liard glux, Zhou Ming technology acquisition blue general science and technology, the construction of photovoltaic (300269) acquisition of Eastar etc., was acquired there are a larger share of the enterprise in market segmentation.
In this regard, the industry believes that the acquisition of LED listed companies with the purpose of the same type of business is to reduce the competitors, and expand the original market share or to target market segments, mining greater market space.
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