Three wire navigation light facelift LED? Stop the British Maritime bureau!
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British Maritime and coastal Rescue Bureau (MCA) recently released an announcement, requirement boats and ship owners not to raise traditional tricolour tungsten navigation lamp replacement LED light.
If the color light LED lamp replacement, may cause insurance companies will not be the problem of insurance. According to the navigation Association's specifications and technical services team (RATS) said that the embedded color lamp designed for the use of filament light bulb, is not suitable for the use of LED light bulbs, therefore, if the accident may cause insurance does not pay.
White LED is unable to emit the desired wavelength to correctly illuminate the red and green parts, and, as such, the light emitted is not in conformity with the provisions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
Moreover, the use of a single vertical filament light bulb with a tungsten filament do as the light source, LED lighting the emitting angle more than three color navigation lights between 2 degrees of restrictions. In the front of the ship to other vessels, from the perspective of the sea level will become difficult to identify, and overlapping light will form a strange color.
However, this problem does not affect the design of a LED lamp. British Maritime and coastal Rescue Bureau put forward corresponding normative announcement, emphasize the problem and warned the owner not to the conventional tungsten navigation lamp holder on the dress white LED lighting. Sailing Association norms and technical service team in September 11 has in Southampton boat show, a live demonstration of navigation lights installed in the white LED lighting.
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