Ten characteristics of the development of LED display market in China
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Zhongguancun online news, according to data show that in recent years, China's LED display market size has continued to grow. 2013, China's LED display applications industry market 27000000000 yuan. 2014, benefit from the development of small space products and advertising media market, the national LED show that the application of the industry market sales volume has a new growth in the year 30000000000, the total annual market reached 2013 yuan, an increase of 10-15%. In the development process of the application of LED, the development of LED Panel light shows the following characteristics:
1, the overall development of the industry has reached the level of scale, the key technology product development is more mature, product quality and reliability has been significantly improved, the industry specialization and collaboration of the initial formation, product market demand and application areas continue to expand.
2, the industry has a strong impact on the growth of brand enterprises, forming a number of large-scale backbone enterprises, with a strong comprehensive strength. In the international market competition, large-scale display system engineering to undertake the implementation of the ability to have a significant increase, the domestic LED display applications for major projects and key projects in the performance of outstanding.
3, LED bulb industry development to show the development of the application industry is obvious. In the industry, the technology innovation is active, the positive interaction between the LED industry chain, new products, new technology promotion and application quickly, the industry overall product technology development capabilities continue to strengthen, to adapt to the special application requirements of technology development, technical support and technical assurance capabilities.
4, based on the product technology and LED display technology application products continues to expand the traditional LED large screen display, based on the LED chip material, driver IC, control technology development, many companies in the industry in the comprehensive application of LED tube, semiconductor lighting, lighting lighting engineering formed some basic technology and production engineering foundation.
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