LED industry sees price hike, Everlight's profit expected to hit 5-year high this year

Date: 2022-12-07 Hits: 83

LED industry price increase news permeates, following the light Lei up the whole product price 10 ~ 30% to reflect the pressure of rising prices of raw materials, a report pointed out that the LED packaging leader Everlight due to invisible light product demand is strong, visibility extended, since March this year began to adjust the price of related products, the average rate of increase of about 20%, Everlight 2021 operations are expected to hit a five-year high.

Everlight's invisible light products account for more than 30% of revenue, of which photocouplers are widely used in wearable devices, power supplies, and home appliance applications, and the demand side continues to grow, leading to full production capacity of photocoupler maker Lite-On, with orders spilling over to Everlight, and Everlight following through into a full capacity state, with a not insignificant number of expansion plans, due to the lengthening visibility of orders, and rising raw material prices, a report points out that Everlight has increased the selling price of related products since March, by approximately 20%.

Everlight's operations continued to grow in 2020, with net income per share after tax reaching NT$2.79 (NTD, the same below), a record high in the past four years, and the board of directors resolved to distribute a dividend of NT$2.25, with a surplus payout ratio of approximately 80.64%, making it one of the few manufacturers in the LED supply chain with substantial profits and dividend distribution. The company estimates that Everlight's earnings per share this year is expected to challenge $3.50, with a chance to set a new record high in the past five years.

Price increases spread to the LED industry, has been transformed into a sensing component factory light Lei, the entire product line up by 10 to 30% to cope with the pressure of rising raw materials, but the company believes that the trend of rising prices of upstream materials will continue, warning will erode the company's profitability.

The LED lighting factory Tang Shi Lighting also revealed at the meeting, April began to adjust the price of orders, each customer's situation varies, mainly due to the price of raw materials, freight, labor costs rose.

In addition, the lighting brand factory Xinofei also announced a second increase in the price of lighting products, the company said in a letter sent to customers, from raw materials, logistics and other cost pressures rose sharply, the company will increase the price of professional lighting product portfolio, the new price will take effect on June 1, which LED lamps rose 3%, traditional fluorescent lamps rose 5%, the average increase of 6% lamps, lamps and electronic products rose 8%, LED Electronics will increase by 9%.

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