Huawei discloses patents related to micro LED chip transfer method

Date: 2022-12-07 Hits: 509

SkyEye search shows that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has recently added a number of patents, one of which is entitled "Chip transfer method, wafer and transfer head for gripping the chip", with the disclosure number CN114765118A.

The patent abstract shows that this application provides a transfer method for micro LED chips, wafers and a transfer head for gripping the chips. The Micro LED chip has a hydrophobic layer on it, and the method comprises: placing a plurality of Micro LED chips having a hydrophobic layer in an aqueous solution; grasping a plurality of Micro LED chips in the aqueous solution by a transfer head, the transfer head comprising a plurality of recesses, the recesses being provided with a hydrophilic layer at the bottom of the recesses so that the grasped Micro LED chips The hydrophobic layer of the micro LED chips is set away from the bottom of the recess; the grasped plurality of micro LED chips are fixed to the target substrate, and the hydrophobic layer of the micro LED chips is fitted to the target substrate. The above method of fluid self-assembly allows for the efficient transfer of large volumes of Micro LED chips.

Macro transfer technology has always been the focus of Micro LED attention, and with the development of technology, new breakthroughs in Micro LED macro transfer technology have continued to emerge this year.

More noteworthy is Huawei's layout for Micro LED, as the current display technology with unlimited possibilities, a number of major international manufacturers have demonstrated their interest in Micro LED. Earlier Apple also announced a patent application for Micro LED, which is mainly oriented to the field of micro-display (such as VR/AR/MR, etc.) and is related to the embedded optical sensor in Micro LED displays. It is reported that the embedded optical sensor of this technology can be placed on the same plane as the RGB pixels of the Micro LED panel, in addition, the embedded optical sensor can be integrated in the Micro LED panel, placed in the same plane of the micro driver or under the Micro LED panel.

At present, the gradual development of intelligent technology, consumer demand for display technology is gradually rising, such as Huawei and other consumer brands on the layout of Micro LED on the one hand reflects the demand for new display technology such as Micro LED, on the other hand also shows the infinite possibilities of the display industry in the future.

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